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PrimaDonna Twist’s new pieces from the Autumn/Winter catalog.

PrimaDonna Twist, plus-size lingerie brand for trendy women, reveals its new pieces for the 2017 autumn and winter season. From the stripes to the polka dots and even the wild pattern…PrimaDonna Twist will know how to satisfy women who need a modern look.

Sneak peek of our favorite pieces from the PrimaDonna Twist’s Autumn/Winter catalog.

Only You, refined and trendy.

The stripes are making a big come back this autumn and will fully integrate our wardrobes. And our lingerie drawers will also have their fair share… The stripes on the Only You bras, briefs, trunks and thongs will make you sexier thanks to their transparent aspect (which is not really transparent, what a relief!). Just enough to be sensual without showing too much.

Collection Only You de PrimaDonna TwistThe blue one will bring a fresh breeze to your outfits.

Collection Only You de PrimaDonna Twist en bleu colibri

Touch Me, soft and modern.

This PrimaDonna Twist collection is sober yet absolutely trendy. The polka dots patterns and their velvet aspect add a touch of refinement to this line’s pieces. The bras are available from C to H cup and the bottoms from 36 to 50. Thus the plus-size have plenty of choice in this gorgeous collection.

Collection TouchMe de PrimaDonna Twist en imprimé à pois noir

Collection TouchMe de PrimaDonna Twist en imprimé à pois rouge

Mystery, making an original statement.

Mystery is an animal patterned collection, it is one of Mesdessous’ favorite new addtions from PrimaDonna Twist. Its tiger patterns will bring a sexy touch and its neon colors will give you confidence. Be wild…daily!

Collection Mystery de PrimaDonna Twist en imprimé tigré, les nouveautés

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They will be out soon…

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Article écrit par: Julie MesDessous