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UNDERTONES : The purified line by Marie Jo

Undertones, this new line of modern lingerie essentials from Marie Jo you feel good and it shows! Stylized, a touch transparent and luxurious in all its simplicity. Three tints you simply have to have in your lingerie drawer: timeless Black, fresh Glossy Pink and warm Patine.


Which color is made for you? Easy, let me help you!


The Undertones black:

If you have the nice color of Naomi Campbell, the model undertones black is made for you. It will be in perfect match with your chocolate color. Its perfect smooth fabric will be completely invisible on your skin. Let you seduced by this modern and trendy collection by Marie Jo, shop it on our website


The Undertones Fresh Glossy Pink:

If you have a light and clear skin like Meryl Streep, the model undertones fresh Glossy Pink is made for you, in England or in USA. The lovely natural color will completely go with your skin; it will be like a second skin. Don’t hesitate to adopt the nude look, it’s trendy! Nowadays, more you are natural, more you are in, so why not? Don’t waist more time and have a look on our e-shop and treat yourself!


The Undertones warm Patine:

If you have the sunny and lovely color of Eva Longoria, do not look more, the model warm Patine of the collection Undertones is made for you. Its glossy and smooth color will perfect match with your holidays skin. Invisible on skin, underclothes even the close-fitting. With this collection, you are sure to be sexy, trendy and modern, it has everything you need. So check on our e-shop and buy yours!


I hope I have convinced you to adopt and wear the nude trendy look, but if I don’t, I offer you to watch this short video about it:


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Article écrit par: Julie MesDessous